E-list Guidelines

The TennKidsClub E-list is a moderated yahoogroups email list with over 900 members from the Knoxville/East Tennessee area. The list is very active with posts from home schoolers who have questions, books/curriculum to sell, announcements, requests, calendar reminders, events and other information that home schoolers find of interest.

To subscribe to the E-list, simply visit the E-list homepage at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Kidsclub2/ and select Join Group. Or you may click the link at the bottom of any page on our website. Please give a brief description of your connection with home schooling for the moderator. Memberships must be approved by the moderator in order to try to eliminate spammers from hitting the E-list.

The E-list Guidelines will be emailed to all new members and once a month to every member. We ask that you read them carefully and make sure you are familiar with them so as not to step on the toes of others. We have a very large and active list so we try to keep all posts directly home school related.

To unsubscribe to the E-list, simply click here and send a blank email. No need to include a message in the content area. You will be automatically unsubscribed. It can take up to 24 hours for you to be unsubscribed, so you may still receive emails from the group during that time.

Below are all of the guidelines and informational files for the use of the E-List. They are provided here as a quick reference for you and are also available on the E-List yahoogroups site.

Guidelines for Kidsclub2 E-list Participation

The Kidsclub2 E-list is comprised of over 900 home schooling families in the East Tennessee area. We are an eclectic/non-denominational group so anyone who home schools and agrees to follow our guidelines may join our group. The list is used primarily for announcements of activities, information dissemination and posts of items offered/wanted.

With such a large list population, we would be overwhelmed if a ton of junk mail started flowing on the list. This population is diverse and represents a cross section of all socio-economic levels and different religions and belief systems. We want to keep this list USEFUL and not a source of entertainment so please follow post guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your account being placed on moderated status, or in some cases (including, but not limited to extreme rude behavior) immediately banned from the list.

If you reply to a post on the list, it will be sent directly to the original poster rather than back to the list. This keeps down the length of posts and makes communication easier between people.

Before sending out a question looking for a co-op, classes, support group, local business, local destination, deadlines, activities, etc. please check our website, http://www.tennkidsclub.org. The website is always being updated so please use it as your first tool for home schooling information. If you can’t find your answer there, feel free to post your question on our E-List.

Besides general questions and answers about home schooling and other topics, the following items are welcome on our E-List.

Posts of things for sale or wanted are fine, even if they are not home school items. When you are posting items for sale or that you are looking for, please include all items in one email, rather than sending out multiple emails listing each item separately. Please do not send multiple emails with like items grouped together, put them all in one email. Please limit these posts to no more than one per week.

Use a subject of: “ISO: 3rd and 5th Grade Curriculum” or “For Sale: Household items, curriculum and more” or something similar to let folks know what your post is about.

Co-Ops and those offering classes are asked to limit their postings to no more than one email to the e-list per week. The moderator will be more than happy to add or update your listing on the TennKidsClub.org website in order to make it easier for our members to find you. Just send an email to dlbeth@yahoo.com with the information for your listing.

The following items/subjects are prohibited on this E-list:

  1. Jokes
  2. Prayers and prayer requests. We are not calling these junk mail; this just not the appropriate forum for them.
  3. Evangelistic-flavored messages
  4. Political messages
  5. Sales pitches. With moderator approval, you may send one email letting the group know about your product or service. We will be happy to list your business on our website after that, but no other advertising emails should be sent to the group.
  6. Chain letters, cute stories, inspirational stories, etc.
  7. Anything that could be considered controversial or an inflammatory subject, including, but not limited to posts regarding alternative lifestyles or those that support or protest them
  8. Anything that requires a warning or statement that it is not appropriate for children
  9. Links to any sites that offer pirated software or any content including advertising that would be not be considered family friendly..
  10. Attachments. Our E-list is set up so that attachments are not allowed to be sent to the group. This helps to cut down on the threat of virus and worms being sent to every member of our group. If you have photos or files that need to be shared with the entire group, you may upload them to the e-list in the proper section. The moderator reserves the right to remove any files or photos that are deemed inappropriate for this group
  11. Flaming (nastiness on the list to others) will get you banned from the list. This includes email sent directly to other members off-list. If you are the recipient of a nasty email from another e-list member, you are asked to immediately forward it to the moderator at dlbeth@yahoo.com.

We have a sister E-List, TennKidsClubChat at yahoogroups.com where you are welcome to post these items and have discussions on any topic you would like, but again they are not allowed on the KidsClub2 E-List.

This email will be sent monthly to remind old members of the guidelines (we all have our forgetful moments) and to inform new members on how the list works.

Questions, comments, or complaints should always be directed to Beth Blanchard, list owner/moderator, at dlbeth@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Posting to the Calendar on the E-List

Please note that currently only the calendar on the yahoogroups site is active. The one on our website will be up and running soon. Thank you for your patience.

There are SO many events that pass through the e-list that would be of benefit to ALL home schoolers in the area and not just those who happen to be on the e-list. While we have over 800 families on this e-list, we are getting new members all the time and many of them are just hearing about the e-list. A good portion find the e-list through the website – www.tennkidsclub.org.

I want to encourage you to post your events in BOTH locations – on the e-list and on the website. Posting your event on the website is very easy! You are also guaranteed a larger audience on the website calendar. Those of you who are hosting fund raisers, or classes, or other events where you are hoping to bring in funding, fees, or participants - you are missing a huge opportunity for getting the word out about your event if you are not posting to the website calendar.

If you are only posting events to the e-list, you also are only getting a one-shot communication while the calendar is a permanent location (like a bulletin board) for upcoming events where people can go to check on event details without having to search through the archives. Of all the functions of the website, the calendar gets the most raves.

Here are the instructions for posting to the calendar on the website, http://www.tennkidsclub.org

Go to the website and either register as a New User or Log In Once you are logged in, click on the calendar and select Add Event. The rest is fairly self-explanatory.

Don’t worry about messing up. All posts come to me before they go “live” and I’ll look it over for you. If I see something that is confusing or needs to be changed, I’ll contact you before it is published. No worries!

PLEASE post your events to both the elist and to the calendar! Keep us all “in the loop”!

How to Change Your Email Address or Email Preferences

If you need to change your email address for the group, or if you would like to change your email preferences (Individual Emails, Daily Digest, No Emails) please follow these instructions:

Go to the KidsClub main page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Kidsclub2/ Select "Sign In" at the top left corner of the page to sign in.

To Change Your Email Address: Click on "My Account" at the top of the page next to the sign in selection. You will be asked for your password and then taken to the "Review Account Information Page." To change your email address, go to "Member Information - Edit." Change the email that needs to be changed and click "Finished."

To Change Your Email Preferences (Individual, Digest, None) Click on "Edit Membership" at the top left of the page. You can then change your preferences for the emails you will receive from the group.

Why We Do Not Allow Political Postings on the Main E-List and Where You Can Post Them

I have been asked about why we do not allow political postings on the KidsClub2 e-list and I wanted to address the issue to everyone, as I'm sure many of you have the same question.

No, we do not allow political postings on the KidsClub2 e-loop, but we do allow them, as well as other potentially inflammatory postings, on our sister e-loop, TennKidsClubChat at yahoogroups.com. This second loop was started specifically to allow postings of the items that are not allowed on the main loop.

As we all know, religion and politics are two subjects that everyone feels strongly about and heated arguments have a tendency to be a part of these subjects. This is especially true when these items are "discussed" in print, where it is impossible to hear the tone of someone's voice or see the expression on their face. To keep our main list from becoming a virtual shouting match and us losing the main focus of the list, which is to provide a friendly, safe place to discuss home schooling, we do not allow these or other inflammatory items to be discussed on the main list.

Everyone is welcome to join the sister loop, TennKidsClubChat, and any and all items can be discussed there. I do approve the membership at first, just to keep spammers from joining and sending spam to everyone. Once approved, there is no other moderation of the TennKidsClubChat elist. Feel free to discuss whatever you'd like! That's why it's there.

We are not trying to limit anyone's right to free speech, or keep important information from being distributed to the group. We are just trying to keep the main e-list as friendly and helpful as possible.

The full guidelines can be found at the KidsClub2 yahoogroups site and also on the TennKidsClub.org site under KidsClub e-list, and are also emailed to each member once a month.

I hope this helps clear up this issue. If you still have questions, please feel free to email me at dlbeth@yahoo.com.