High School and Teens

Calling all high school students.......It is PROM time again!
Quest Academy is proud to bring you another great dance.

Who: Any and all high school students
What: The best ever PROM- HollywoodVIP Party
Where: Holiday Inn Downtown, 525 Henley St., Knoxville
When: Saturday, May 12th, 2012
Why: Fun- Food- Music- Dancing- Memories to last a lifetime!!!
Check out our facebook page to see pictures of our other dances. Facebook - Quest Academy Dances.

Join us for a super night, walk the red carpet Hollywood style for a V.I.P. Party you won't forget.
Tickets are on sale now. Get yours now to get the early bird price. Contact us and we can bring posters to your co-op and be on site to sell tickets.

Photographer, Mitzi McMahan will be giving a fantastic price of $12 for a CD containing several poses and other candid shots taken throughout the night. You will have all rights to the images and can make as many copies/sizes of the prints as you'd like. They will be mailed to you very soon after prom.

Print out the permission form, sign, include a self addressed stamped envelope and mail with check, made out to Patty Leach to:
Patty Leach
1384 Parkway Dr.
Lenoir City, TN 37771

Prom- May 12, 2012 HOLLYWOOD - VIP PARTY -
Holiday Inn Downtown, 525 Henley St.
Print this permission form and mail with a check to: Patty Leach, 1384 Parkway Dr., Lenoir City, TN 37771.
Tickets are $40 each for the early bird rate. All tickets purchased or postmarked past April 15th will be $45. Please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope.

Parental Consent Form for DANCE Hosted by: Quest Academy
1. Students will conduct themselves appropriately at all times, will respect the event facility and respect others.
2. Students will not be permitted to leave the event and reenter unless specific prior arrangements have been made.
3. Students will be asked to leave if their behavior is an issue and no ticket money will be issued.
4. No tobacco products, No foul or obscene language, and No rough housing.
5. Inappropriate clothing may NOT be worn. Dresses must be modest, to the knee in length, the back must come up to the shoulder blades, strapless dresses must fit without chance of slipping, shawls and jackets are encouraged if you need to cover a dress. Students with clothing that does not meet guidelines will not be allowed to enter and ticket money will NOT be refunded. If you are in doubt about a dress please text us a picture or buy another dress. There are NO EXCEPTIONS! My cell number is 865/604-2070.

By purchasing this ticket, I ______________________________ the parent or legal guardian of __________________ am giving my consent to have said child/student attend and participate in the dance and all other activities for this event. I understand that Quest will have ample chaperons and the dance is open to any parent from any co-op to attend if they so choose, with a paid ticket for themselves. If I have elected not to attend myself, I have read, understand and explained all the rules to my child/student and by my signature, take full responsibility if my child does not abide by these rules and is asked to leave. I will not hold Quest responsible in any way if my child/student leaves early, or will not listen to instructions given by the chaperons present. I understand and agree that if and when my child leaves the chaperoned dance or event, that Quest is not responsible and will hold them blameless for any issues arising after they leave.

In the event a Quest chaperon needs to contact me, I understand that they will make every attempt, but again Quest cannot be responsible for my child outside the building or if and when my child leaves the event.

Please sign the form and return with your ticket money. Make checks out to Patty Leach and mail to 1384 Parkway Dr., Lenoir City, TN 37771.
In case of an emergency, please contact me at the numbers below:
Contact Name and number__________________________________________
Contact Name and number__________________________________________
Attending Student's name___________________________________________
Grade level and co-op affiliation, if any________________________________
Email address____________________________________________________
Parent or legal guardian name- printed________________________________ signed__________________________________________________________
Date of signature_________________________________________________
Check number _______________________ Ticket number ____________________

Teen Book Discussion Group

We would love to start a monthly Teen Book Discussion Group. If you are interested in joining our group, please email dlbeth@yahoo.com. Send me your teen's name, age, grade the day and time that would be most convenient for you to meet and where you are located. We are looking at holding our meetings at Farragut Library, but this may change based on convenience for everyone.

Have an Idea for a Home School Teen Outing?

Contact Beth Blanchard with the details and we'll post it here as well as on our e-loop. 

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