Tennessee Home School Information

Tennessee is a relatively easy state in which to home school. While the state does not provide parents with funding for materials as some other states do, the state has little direct involvement with home schooling families. For those who have home schooled in various states, you will find home schooling in Tennessee to be rather uncomplicated.

There are two sites that are particularly helpful in understand the laws of Tennessee regarding home schooling.

Tennessee Home Ed is a web site that is managed by Kay Brooks, a home school activist who has a state-wide reputation as being THE expert on home schooling in Tennessee. The Tennessee Home Ed site is chock-full of great information that applies to all areas of Tennessee ranging from CRS schools to support groups. It also has a very active elist that is an excellent resource if you are considering home schooling in Tennessee. The site has a Getting Started page that will answer all your questions concerning beginning to home school in Tennessee and it is in plain, understandable language.

The Tennessee Department of Education has a section of its website devoted to the laws and requirements of home schooling in the state. You will find the needed forms in downloadable format at this site. Department of Education - Homeschool Page

Curriculum standards for the State of Tennessee can be found on the Curriculum Standards page. The standards for learning for each grade level and subject area can be found there. This is a good place to start if you are just starting home schooling and are not sure what your child should be learning at his/her grade level.