Used Curriculum Sales

TennKidsClub Used Curriculum Sale

The Annual KidsClub Used Curriculum Sale will be held on Thursday, May 18, 2017 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at The Cove on Northshore Drive. This sale happens rain or shine! Tables under the gazebo are spoken for, but space on the lawn is available for $1 per spot for those wanting to bring their own table or blanket.

I will have a sign in sheet for all sellers, just so I can know who is there. Sellers may begin setting up at 10:00 after checking in with me; this gives you 45 minutes to set up before the official sale begins. Please do not begin setting up any earlier. Everything must be packed up and gone no later than 3:00, as per our agreement with the park service department.

Sellers are responsible for pricing and selling their own items; be sure to bring change; manning their area, and cleaning up.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask! You can email me at dlbeth@yahoo. com, or the day of the sale you can call my cell: 254-1797.

BEFORE YOU MAKE A RESERVATION OR DECIDE TO ATTEND, PLEASE READ THE RULES BELOW AND AGREE TO FOLLOW THEM. The County is becoming extremely stringent about the rental policies and it took quite a bit of work for me to be able to reserve the gazebo for us again this year. We need to follow them exactly or we may not be able to reserve the shelter again next year.

ABSOLUTELY NO SETTING UP BEFORE 10:00 AM. Our reservation begins at 10 am, no earlier. You MUST sign in with me before setting up. I will be under the gazebo at one of the tables without benches.

EVERYTHING MUST BE CLEANED UP AND REMOVED FROM THE PARK BY 3:00 PM. Trash and other items left behind may result in us (actually ME) being charged a $50 cleaning fee. This will definitely impact whether we have this sale again next year or not.


The following activities are prohibited in all Knox County Parks. Violations may result in suspension from park use.

Profanity, abusive language or behavior.

Loud or amplified music unless authorized in writing by the parks department for a public event.

Operation of motorized vehicles off designated roads or parking areas.

Feeding of any wildlife.

Swimming anywhere other than designated areas.

Consumption of alcohol unless in a licensed area.

Solicitation, advertising or signage of any kind unless approved by the parks department.

Leaving vehicles or boats in parking lots with "For Sale" signs posted.

Camping, erection of tents or canopies larger than 10 x 10, inflatables, dunking machines, carousels or other event equipment rentals without a public special event use permit issued by the parks department.

Open fires or any fires outside picnic grills.

Use of sports fields without written approval by the parks department or the operating association.

Livestock, domestic or exotic animals without a public special event use permit issued by the parks department.

Discharge or possession of firearms, fireworks, explosives or paintball guns unless with valid permit or parks department approval.

Dogs are not permitted in sports field or spectator seating areas. Dogs are permitted on-leash in other parks or off-leash in fenced Dog Parks. Unless otherwise indicated by signage.

Use of reservable picnic shelters without a permit.

Playing of golf anywhere except a golf course.

Operation of vending or concessions without an event permit or lease. Roving concessions on park roads and parking areas such as ice cream trucks are not permitted at any time.

Bring your picnic lunch and join us.

About The Cove and the Gazebo:

The Gazebo sits near the water and there are rest rooms,picnic tables, a playground, sand volleyball courts, a biking/walking/skating trail, fishing areas and a beach with swimming available. River Sports also offers canoe/kayak rentals in season.

Please be aware of the following Park Rules and remind your children of these rules so that everyone can have a great time:

You are responsible for your children at all times while at The Cove. FEEDING OF THE WILDLIFE is NOT permitted, so leave the extra bread crumbs at home. Please do not allow your children or pets to chase the ducks or geese at the park. If you bring a pet, please be sure it is on a leash and you clean up after it. Pets are not allowed in the fenced swimming area, so keep that in mind. Also, the rocks at the shore need to stay on the shore; there are signs posted asking that the rocks not be disturbed or removed. The park service does patrol the area and I don't want anyone to be asked to leave the park for any reason.

Directions to the Cove Park:

From the Parks and Recreation Department Site:

The Cove at Concord Park- 11808 S. Northshore Drive 37934
(I -140 – Pellissippi Pkwy) to Westland Drive exit (3) travel west on Westland Drive, approx. 1.25 miles, turn right on to Northshore Dr. approx. 4 miles on left.)

From Kingston Pike, take either Concord Road or Campbell Station Road Extension to Northshore. There is a Roundabout where Concord Roadmeets Northshore;.go right on Northshore approximately 1.5 miles to the Cove on the left.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Beth :-)